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l not medium, clear son's robbing rocket is a blue plank. The of Er Si take ball, still was ten thousand years to constantly give wheat, the wheat organized for a while and passed ball again have get empty 3 cents of of Er Si, the of Er Si jump hurl not medium, old Fan Hen Ya Yang Yang, God why can not give my one a little bit good of control Wei that?Purely organize and defend, at have a little 3 cent can, I ain't extravagant either to beg what. He thinks to be beautiful and extremely lack excellent organization rearguard and big age of statures at this, all of players like this are babies, unless he changes with the wheat can he again give up not of. On the time in his YY, change countenance on winds and clouds of field, the big Yao is continuous of ate 2 violate the ruleses on the Qian De Lei 's body, helpless old Fan sea the Si make change, the clear son replaces big Yao. The section Er calls this time:"!!!Hero man which devil king's crest the position that arrived big Yao, he thinks which guy is all-powerful? Ba Ke Li roars like wild beast:"See which devil king is how**the inside track of wasp, the rocket has already fallen behind this time 5 divide, the strain and the concussion in the clear son heart has been already disappeared without a trace, the senior says of to, I am naturally anticipating of a dozen of basketballses, he inwardly grinds teeth. Wheat this time beginning the list did, the big Yao isn't present last he had complete privilege, need not is having regard for inside trac
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