grinding mill greatly improves the utilization

# 04/09/2017 à 14:50 dongfang
Gringding mill is the one of the most important machine for stone powder making process.Feldspar minerals is the raw materials for the glass industry (about 50-60% of the total amount), and it accounts 30% in ceramic industry, the rest of them is used in chemical industry, glass, pottery and porcelain blank ingredients, ceramic glaze, enamel raw materials, abrasives, glass fiber, welding electrode and other industries.
Reasonable choosing right ultrafine mill type and quantit to make the design of industrial milling process more reasonable and perfect. SBM heavy recommend that the more super fine grinding machine you have and sophisticated system you get, the technology is more perfect.By using different models grinding mill can save investment and reduce operating costs. Premise in meeting the technological requirements, clients can use different types grinding mill to reduce investment and improve the work efficiency.
Potassium is the most scarce of nonmetallic mineral, it cannot supply enough to meet the needs of the industrial and agricultural development. Through various extraction experiments of ore, successfully extracted "potassium" and "mineral-based potassium nitrate" fertilizer and other agricultural products, achieved the purpose of potassium feldspar fully utilization, and the production process energy efficient, less consumption of resources, in line with cleaner production of "green chemistry" requirement.
After realizing a large-scale industrial production, we would be able to reduce our country import potash 50% to 10% at present. SBM Heavy ore milling equipment is a kind of fine and superfine powder processing equipment. Ultrafine grinding mill in the application of K-feldspar will greatly promote the development of China's potash industry.
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