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6. New York Giants (Last week: 8). Their best game of the season was Thursday's road victory in Carolina with their backup running back and a reserve wide receiver playing starring roles. The constant is the quarterback, Eli Manning, who keeps the Giants among the league's elite by himself even when other things aren't clicking. I had the Giants at No. 5 last week and kept them there Tom Brady Kids Jersey this week, dropping the Patriots behind them and jumping the 3-0 Falcons from No. 6 to No. 2. Ashley Fox has them No. 4. John Clayton remains a Stevan Ridley Two Tone Jersey Giants skeptic and has them at 10. Hard to argue either way, really. I think Sunday night's game in Philadelphia will say a lot Stevan Ridley Jersey Hall of Fame 50th more about who the Giants are than did their thumping of the pathetic Panthers.
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